Terms and Conditions

Prices are net wholesale cost to the qualified trade. All items are
quoted F.O.B. Factory Dock, freight collect. Freight and insurance
charges are not included on the price list. Prices are subject to
change without notice.
The Ordering Process
Customers initiate the process by placing a written purchase order
either directly with us or through email, fax or US
mail, accompanied by a 50% deposit. Orders will not be
processed without requisite deposit. Must have ship to
address before processing order.
A fifty percent deposit is required to enter the order
into production. When the merchandise is packed and ready
for shipment, the balance will be due at that time. We accept
American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and company check.
Dimensions are given to the nearest inch. Measurements may vary
from those noted as all items are handmade and hand
assembled. Dimensions are provided for general reference only.
Measurements indicate the overall width, depth and height.
Production Lead Time
Production estimates are given at the time an order is confirmed
by Tritter Feefer Home Collection. They are carefully based on
production schedules at the time the order is placed taking into
consideration the stock availability and amount of time needed
to produce the order. We do not compensate for items delivered
outside lead times quoted.
Tritter Feefer Home Collection ships all orders via Zenith Global
Logistics on Fridays. Orders are shipped freight collect. Collect
orders must be paid at the time of delivery. LTL Freight and White
Glove Service are both options on time sensitive shipments for
additional fees.
Inspection of Merchandise
THESE INSTRUCTIONS. It is mandatory that you observe
and note any shortages or visible damages in detail on the freight
bill. If possible, inspect the contents immediately for any
concealed damages. Concealed damages MUST be reported
within 3 business days or the claim will be denied. Photo
documentation of the damage to both contents and packaging
is required. Damaged goods cannot be refused by the receiver,
but will be picked up within two weeks for repair or replacement by
Tritter Feefer Home Collection. We will expedite the repair or the
replacement of the goods. If you choose to repair the piece on
site or by a furniture repair person, this can be done at your
expense. Tritter Feefer accepts no liability for damaged or
concealed damage freight. While these solutions to the problem
of damaged freight are not ideal, they are the only effective way
in handling these issues with the freight companies.
Geographic Limitations
Tritter Feefer Home Collection has a limited liability regarding
location of product that has become damaged or is otherwise
involved in a customer service case. Our transportation liability for
pickup or redelivery is limited to $100.00 per case.
Deluxing, Minor Repairs, Adjustments
As a Tritter Feefer Home Collection partner, we encourage your
use of a professional to assist in the deluxing, repairing, or adjusting
of pieces and finishes as necessary. This is a customary part of
normal business practice in the furniture industry. At all times, these
expenses must be shared to some degree due to our aggressive
pricing structure. Tritter Feefer is not responsible for any profit
Cancellation Policy
All orders are non-cancellable upon receipt of deposit at Tritter
Feefer Home Collection. Changes or cancellations of custom
orders require written approval from Tritter Feefer Home Collection.
Such orders will be subject to change, cancellation or restocking
fees of 25% of selling price to cover labor, drawing, and other fees.
Product Construction
A combination of cabinet grade hardwoods, softwoods and
composite materials are used in creating our line. Legs may be
made of maple, skirts of pine, and tops of MDF to
eliminate cracking or splitting. All joints are glued and fastened
according to acceptable furniture construction techniques. All
items are manufactured in our LaGrange, GA facility.
Our products feature a final top coat of six coats of hand brushed
poly acrylic, a durable lacquer like finish without the sheen and
tendency to yellow over time. In case of scratching or damage,
this finish can be repaired by a subsequent application of MinWax
Water Based poly matte acrylic. For more information or
assistance, please feel free to contact us. We cannot guarantee
matched finishes to pair with previously ordered items. If matching
pairs are required, they must be ordered together and noted on
the order as a pair. However, each piece will retain characteristics of
an individually hand finished piece of furniture. Actual finishes
may vary up to 20% from samples due to the hand applied nature
of our product. For closer matching, please send preferred sample
along with order.
Wood Products
Tritter Feefer Home Collection has no control over the movement
of solid wood over the course of time. We work very hard to ensure
that the quality of our building materials prevent issues such as this.
However, wood is a moving and breathing product. Even after
many years, warping or cracking may occur for a variety of
reasons. All wood is just about guaranteed to shrink, expand or
move depending upon the environment, to some degree. We
have small cracking problems about 5% of the time, and 95% of
the time, these issues are easily repaired and become part of the
unique nature of our finishes. Tritter Feefer will be happy to provide
touch up kits for a nominal fee, instruction and as much help as
possible when an issue occurs. However, Tritter Feefer is not
liable for replacement, repair, travel expenses or other fees
associated with this instance.
Zinc Tops
Zinc top tables have unique performance expectations. Please
contact us for our zinc top table customer information sheet.


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